16 Mar

I know just how to whisper or how to cry
I know just where to find the answer or  how to lie
I know just how to fake it or how to scheme
I know just when to face the truth or when to dream

but, how could i have been such a fool? to let go of love and break all of the rules
now i know for sure, when you walked out that door , left a hole in my heart

how i tried to get you out of my mind 
but you return, all the time…
i believe i could just let you go, like the fool i am…
Tell me why you’re so hard to be forgotten

and i really don’t know what to do
we were crying together, it was a long time ago…
before you leave me this way, just hear what i say

please take back that sad word good bye
bring back the joy to my life
i’ll fix these broken things
repair your broken wings and make sure everything’s all right
i can’t forget the day you left 
time is so unkind and life is so cruel without you here beside me

Ten thousand light years away from you
keep thinking maybe it’s time to let go 
but by the end of the day
i  still want to say “Do you?”

and now,
 Here I am
I’m looking out my window and dreaming about you
Can’t let go
At 6 a clock in the morning
I feel you beside me and i know that it might
Seem to late for love

 and now i know for sure how much i love you

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One response to “L-O-V-E

  1. vithooo

    March 16, 2014 at 10:32 am

    wkwkwkwkwk galau nih


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