Top 10 Asian Boy Bands

04 Feb
The boy band is alive and well in Asia. The top all male groups are some of the most successful pop stars in Asia today. This list of the top 10 Asian boy bands is subjective, but all of these groups are essential to know for anyone with more than a casual interest in today’s Asian pop music.


ArashiCourtesy J Storm

The name Arashi means “Storm” in English. The group is one of the longest lasting boy bands at the top of the Japanese pop world. They were first formed in 1999 and the debut single “Arashi” was the theme for the 1999 World Cup of Volleyball. The group has topped the Japanese album chart seven times and the singles chart an impressive 24 times. Group members are Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya and Jun Matsumoto.

Watch “Everything”

Big Bang
Big BangCourtesy YG Entertainment
Big Bang are a Korean boy band put together in 2005-2006. The MTV Korea network put together a ten show documentary detailing the group’s training and rehearsals as well as final selection of members. Among the group’s hit singles have been a remake of Maroon 5’s “This Love.” Since 2008, Big Bang have pursued success in Japan as well as at home in South Korea.

Watch “Last Farewell”


FahrenheitCourtesy WOW Music
Fahrenheit are a four member boy band from Taiwan. Each member represents a season of the year corresponding with their personalities. Calvin Chen is spring, Jiro Wang is summer, Wu Zun is autumn, and Aaron Yan is winter. The group released their first album in September 2006. All three of the group’s albums have reached #1 or #2 on the Mandarin pop charts. Fahrenheit’s popularity is gradually spreading throughout Southeast Asia.

Watch “Ai Dao”


Kat-TunCourtesy J-One Records
KAT-TUN was initially formed in Japan as a support group for the band KinKi Kids. However, due to their popularity, KAT-TUN became a permanent unit. The group’s debut single “Real Face” did not appear until 2006. Since that point the group has reeled off ten consecutive #1 singles at home in Japan. All four albums by the group have also topped the charts.

Watch “Lips”


NewsCourtesy Johnny’s Entertainment
NEWS are a Japanese boy band whose name is an acronym for the directions North, East, West and South. The group was originally formed with nine members. One member left in 2004 and subsequently two members were suspended from the group due to controversy over underage drinking. NEWS continues on highly successful as a six member boy band. All three of their albums and 11 singles have topped the Japanese pop music charts.

Watch “Happy Birthday”


SHINeeCourtesy SM Entertainment
SHINee are a Korean boy band who debuted in May 2008 with the top 10 mini-album Replay. Their full length debut album The SHINee World debuted at #3 on the charts. The group has risen quickly among top pop bands in South Korea and are known for their fashion influence among young fans.

Watch “Love Like Oxygen”


ShinhwaCourtesy Good Entertainment
Shinhwa, formed in 1998 in South Korea, are among the most durable of Asian boy bands. Initially gaining success with SM Entertainment, they switched labels in 2003 to Good Entertainment. The group has released five albums that topped the Korean pop charts. Their release Inspiration #1 was a top five hit in Japan in 2006. Through the years Shinhwa have received acclaim as one of the best dance groups among boy bands.

Watch “Throw My Fist”

Super Junior

Super JuniorCourtesy SM Entertainment
South Korea’s Super Junior lay claim to being the world’s largest boy band with 13 members. The group was formed in 2005. In addition to performing and releasing music as a full group, Super Junior has occasionally been sub-divided into smaller groups for particular projects. The group has topped album charts in China, South Korea and Thailand.

Watch “Sorry, Sorry”

Top Combine
Top CombineCourtesy EE Media

Top Combine are one of the first boy bands to emerge out of mainland China. The group is composed of members of both Chinese and Korean descent. Four of the five group members were contestants on the TV show Super Boy. Top Combine debuted in October of 2008 with the single “Arrival.”

Watch “Arrival”


TVXQ/DBSKCourtesy SM Entertainment

This group is known as either TVXQ or DBSK based on different acronyms formed from translations of the group’s name which means, “The Gods will rise from the East.” In 2008 they became the first male foreign group to have a #1 single on the Japanese Oricon music chart. The group has four #1 albums to their credit at home in South Korea, but they have been nearly as successful in Japan as at home.

Watch “The Way U Are”

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